Yoichi Kotabe

Nintendo Company Limited
Entertainment Analysis & Development Division
Kyoto Software Development Department Kyoto

Yoichi Kotabe
Character Supervisor & Animator
Tokyo University of Arts

Yoichi Kotabe was an active employee of Nintendo Company Limited from 1985 until 2010. Kotabe was one of the first animation legends from Toei Animation to crossover into video games by joining Nintendo. Yoichi Kotabe became a fan of art during his early school years when his mother introduced him to flipbook animation (the act of flipping through pages, each page with an image that progressively changes, to make it look like it's moving). His father was an artist, though ironically the person who didn't draw much at all was the one who made him interested in animation (his mother). According to him, his mother drew a stick figure in a text book of his at the corner, and on each page the stick figure would be in a slightly different position. As he recalls the stick figure was exercising, but it made him interested enough to try himself. Kotabe worked closely with the Entertainment Analysis & Development Division but also was involved with several other departments internally at the company. Despite Kotabe-san's retirement from Nintendo, he still acts as an advisor for the company.

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Personal Information

Name: Yoichi Kotabe
Kanji: 小田部 羊一 / こたべ よういち
Born: September 15, 1936
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan
History: Nintendo (1985-Active)

Author: Kyoto Ninja (13 April 2012)
Source: Iwata Asks: Flipnote Studio. Japan Net Interviews. Game Credits.

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