Vs. Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt
©1984 Nintendo
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Vs. Arcade System

Release Dates
JP: December 1st, 1984 - Retail
US: December 1st, 1984 - Retail

Duck Hunt is an arcade style light gun shooter for the Vs. Arcade System and is a remixed port of the original version released on theFamicom and Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was designed for the Nintendo Zapper and the objective was to aim the electronic gun on screen to shoot at flying ducks. An additional game titled Clay Shooting was also included as another playable game.

In Vs. Duck Hunt, Clay Shooting mode appears as the second round with the first round being the two duck variation (the arcade version never had one duck).

In the first two modes, the dog retrieves the ducks a player shoots, and laughs at the player if both of the birds on screen escape (and if the player fails to advance to the next level).

During bonus stages in Vs. Duck Hunt, the dog jumps out from the grass as a distraction to players as they try to shoot ducks, thus putting himself in the line of fire and enabling a player to inadvertently shoot him. If he is shot, the bonus round ends.

Production Credits

Gunpei Yokoi
Nintendo Co., Ltd. | Research & Development 1 Division

Satoru Okada
Nintendo Co., Ltd. | Research & Development 1 Division

Hiroji Kiyotake
Nintendo Co., Ltd. | Research & Development 1 Division


Hirokazu Tanaka
Nintendo Co., Ltd. | Research & Development 1 Division

Executive Producer
Hiroshi Yamauchi
Nintendo Co. Ltd. | CEO

Author: Kyoto Ninja (13 April 2012)
Verified: KRFC (13 April 2012)
Source: Nintendo Dream: R&D1 Interview.Hirokazu Tanaka Works. Kamitoba Japan Database.

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