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Vitei Inc. is a privately held company that specializes in video game development. From inception, the the company has worked exclusively as contractor for Nintendo Company Limited on the development of various first-party software. The company is based in Kyoto, Japan and was founded in June 2002 by former Nintendo programmer Giles Goddard. The English programmer began his Nintendo career as a sub-contractor via Argonaut Inc., for the development of Star Fox and Stunt Race FX. Goddard then became a full-time Nintendo employee and contributed programming to titles such as Super Mario 64 and 1080* Snowboarding. His last work, was a six month contract-job where he helped port Doshin The Giant from the Nintendo 64DD over to the GameCube. Goddard's one-man programming job on Doshin The Giant, was the impetus to establishing his own game company Vitei, just a few months later with Nintendo's support. Vitei describes their unique working relationship with Nintendo, as an extension of the Kyoto R&D rather than a separate partner. Additionally, Vitei Backroom Inc. serves as a sister company that currently works on non-Nintendo virtual reality software.


Work History for Nintendo Company Limited

Title Year Main Work Additional Work Notes
Tank Troopers 2016 Co-Developer
Steel Diver: Sub Wars 2014 Co-Developer
Steel Diver 2011 Co-Developer
Rock N' Roll Climber 2009
theta 2007

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Source: Game Credits. Company Homepage. Kyoto Report Investigative Methods.
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