The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time



Script Director

  • Toru Osawa (大澤 徹 / おおさわ とおる)

Game System Directors

3D System Director/Character Design

Program Director

Music Composer

  • Koji Kondo (近藤 浩治 / こんどう こうじ)

Cinema Scene Directors

Map Data Manager


Main System

Display System

Boss Enemy Program

Enemy Program


Technical Program

Tool Program

Camera Program

Cinema Scene Program

Sound Effects Program


Character Design

Field Design

Dungeon Design

Effects Design

Prerendered Background Design

Item Design

Cinema Scene Unit

Assistant Director

Cinema Scene Animators

MOCAP System Directors

Actor Unit

Character Voices

Motion Capture Actor

  • Yoshinori Tsujimoto (辻本 良紀 / つじもと よしのり)

Action Coordinator

  • Yuta Morokaji (諸鍛治 裕太 / もろかじ ゆうた)

Art Work Unit

Character Illustration

Illustration Support

Package Design

Manual Editors

Support Unit


Schedule Management


Script Support

English Text Writer

  • Dan Owsen (ダン・オーセン / だん おーせん)

English Text Translation

German Text Writer

French Text Writer

Technical Support

Motion Editors

Public Relation

NOA Support

Progress Management

Special Thanks to

Executive Producer

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