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Tetris 99 is a multiplayer puzzle game in which 99 players play against each other at the same time, with the aim to be the last player remaining. As with the traditional Tetris formula, players rotate and drop shaped bricks known as tetrominoes onto a board. Players can clear tetrominoes by completing rows across both sides, whereas players will lose if tetrominoes overflow off the top of the board. As with normal Tetris rules, players have the option to store a tetromino piece to swap out at any time. By clearing multiple lines or performing continuous line clears in a row, players can send "garbage" to other players, which will appear on their board unless they can quickly clear lines in response. More garbage can be sent by completing combination moves in succession of making a "tetris" (matching 4 lines at once) or performing a "T-spin" (squeezing the T-shaped tetromino into a position it would otherwise not fall into by rapidly rotating it.

While the Tetris formula and license were originally created outside of Nintendo, the company has licensed and developed renditions of the intellectual property on several occasions including the Game Boy and Nintendo DS releases. The battle royale concept came from veteran Nintendo designer Ryuichi Nakada, who previously helped design Tetris Attack and Pokémon Puzzle Challenge. Yamagami, Nakada, and EPD Production Group No.1 enlisted the services of Arika to help develop the game.

Upon release, Tetris 99 received "generally favourable reviews" according to the review aggregator Metacritic. According to IGN Tetris 99 is a "wondrous pandemonium in a battle royale bottle" and that "the massive player count really ups the intensity." During a financial results briefing, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa reported that Tetris 99 had been played by over 2.8 million accounts as of April 2019. Furukawa also noted that the game has boosted "user engagement" with the Nintendo Switch. The game has also received several game award nominations including 23rd Annual D.I.C.E. Award - Online Game of the Year.

Production Staff:

Hitoshi Yamagami, Ichirou Mihara (Arika)

Assistant Producer
Akira Kinashi

Director / Lead Game Designer
Akito Kitamura (Arika)

Ryuichi Nakada

Assistant Director
Yuki Sakamoto

Game Design
Makoto Hasebe (Arika), Kazuya Koshimuzu (Arika)

Art Director
Tatsuya Ushiroda (Arika), Ayako Okubo (KiteKiss Studio)

Graphic Design
Masashi Take (Arika), Kazumi Iguchi (Arika)

Concept Design
Kuniaki Ito

Lead Programmer
Hitoshi Hirashima (Arika)

Game Program
Akira Kurabayashi (Arika), Takaaki Kato (Arika), Fumito Ushimaru (Arika), Kei Inoue (Arika), Narumi Uetsuki (Arika)

Network Program
Shinichi Masuda (Arika), Kimihiko Shimomura, Naoya Hirota, Ryuhei Hirota, Shigeki Yamamoto, Takeshi Wakasugi, Taketo Konno, Yu Nishikawa

Network Infrastructure
Tomomitsu Aoki, Josiah Purtlebaugh, Hiroyasu Morimoto

Technical Support
Shinichi Masuda (Arika), Koichiro Hirano

Sound Director
Teruo Taniguchi (SuperSweep)

Teruo Taniguchi (SuperSweep), Takahiro Eguchi (SuperSweep), Fumihisa Tanaka (SuperSweep), Ayako Saso (SuperSweep), Shinji Hosoe (SuperSweep)

Sound Effects
Teruo Taniguchi (SuperSweep)

Special Thanks
Masaru Tajima, Tomoyoshi Yamane, Takeshi Hayakawa, Takeshi Kawasaki, Daisuke Nakamura, Jeff Miller (NOA), Andrew Hall (NOE),

Takeshi Tamura, Asuka Nishiura, Mario Club Co., Ltd.

NOA Localization Management
Nate Bihldorff, Reiko Ninomiya, Rich Amtower, Tim O'Leary, Scot Ritchey, Morgan Ritchie

NOA Localization
Lauren Ammerman, Marjolaine Drouin, Dan Fazio, Kento Oiwa, Yanett Cepeda Valor, Thaddée Wiseur, Álex Zarza

NOA Product Testing
Kirk Buchanan, Sean Egan, Trace Gordon, Tom Hertzog,Zaher Khan, Andy Kolden, Tomoko Mikami, Kentaro Nishimura, Ivan Samoilov, Spencer Stoddard, Jacob Tapia, Robert Thomas, Manna Yamasaki, NOA Product Testing Technicians

NOE Localisation Production
Iván Garrido González, Liam Higgins, Saskia Doorschodt

NOE Localisation
Pierre Sanchez, Marco Guasco, John Mullen, Sabrina Jouillat, Gurvan Le Guen, Frithjof Koepp, Sascha Weinard, Giovanna Prati, Anna Tarantini, Sofía Marín Aguilar-Galindo, Elizabeth Sánchez León, Dmitiri Kaleov, Anton Ivanchikov, Pole to Win UK Ltd. (London Studio)

NOE Quality Assurance
J. Ignacio León López, Stefania Montagnese, Yannick Carrey, Laurence Uhlen, Matthieu Lamouroux, Manuel Tants, Swen Harder, Veronica Casi, Gabriele Cuscino, Laura Soto Toral, Rik Boerma, Stijn Lebon, Alla Zinevych, Iar Havenka

NHL Localization
Claudia Chan, Natalie Yu, Sean Shen

NHL Quality Assurance
Eiju Umemura, Digital Hearts Co., Ltd.

iQue Localization
Keisuke Fukushima, Zhang Xi

iQue Quality Assurance
Xu Ming, Digital Hearts Co., Ltd.

NOK Localization
Hyokjin Jung, Dongyeon Kim, Jihyuen Kim, Soonil Kim

NOK Quality Assurance
Kiung Seong, Kyoungim Na

Project Manager
Shinji Watanabe (Arika)

General Producer
Shinya Takahashi

Executive Producer
Shuntaro Furukawa, Akira Nishitani (Arika)

Version: Nintendo Switch (WW)
Source: Kyoto Report Investigative Methods. Game Credits. Nintendo JP.
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