Takako Ishii

Nintendo Company Limited
Software Planning & Development Division
Software Development & Design Department

Takako Ishii
Graphic Artist

Takako Ishii is an active employee of Nintendo Company Limited since 2005. Nishio began her career at the Entertainment Analysis & Development Division as a UI designer working on several retail games. Ishii is currently working in the Software Development Group of the Software Development & Design Department where she was a director and graphic designer on Sleep Clock: Record and Analyze your Sleep Pattern

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Sleep Clock Nintendo DS Browser DSi Camera
sleep-clock.jpg dsi%20sd%20card.jpg dsicamera.jpg
Graphic Design Graphic Design Graphic Design

Personal Information

Name: Takako Ishii
Kanji: 石井 貴子 / いしい たかこ
History: Nintendo (2005-Active)
Feature: Takako Ishii: The New Generation of SPD

Author: Kyoto Ninja (13 April 2012)
Source: Nintendo Japan: Working At Nintendo Interview. Game Credits.

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