Super Scope 6

Super Scope 6 | スーパースコープ6
Nintendo Company Limited

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Release Date:
June 21st, 1993 JP
February 2nd, 1992 US
August 27th, 1994 EU

Makoto Kano
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Masao Yamamoto
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Music Composition
Hajime Hirasawa
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Gunpei Yokoi
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Executive Producer
Hiroshi Yamauchi
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo is the author of this software
for the purpose of copyright.
All rights reserved.

©1992 Nintendo

Author: Kyoto Ninja (13 April 2012)
Verified: KRFC (13 April 2012)
Source: Super Meroid Strategy Guide Team Interview. Star Fox Team Interview.
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