Staff Credits - Super Mario 64 DS [Nintendo DS]

Producer & Supervising Director


Player Director

Map & Level Design Director

Script & Mini-Game Director

Sequence Director

Map & Level Design

Map Design

Enemy & Mini-Game Design Director

Character & Enemy Design

Effects Design

Screen Design

Mini-Game Screen Design

Demo Design & Debug Support


Sound Programming

Programming Director

Main System Programming

System Programming

Player Programming

Enemy Programming

Screen Programming

Mini-Game Programming

3-D Engine Programming

Touch Draw Programming


Progress Management

  • Keizo Kato (加藤 圭三 / かとう けいぞう)

Technical Support

Character Design & Supervision

Object Design Support

Programming Support

Development Environment Support


Product Management


Special Thanks

  • Seiki Ishihara (石原 盛規 / いしはら せいき)
  • Yutaka Arata (新田 豊 / あらた ゆたか)
  • Norihisa Ashida (芦田 経久 / あしだ のりひさ)
  • All EAD
  • SRD
  • NINTENDO64 Super Mario 64 Original Staff

Executive Producer

Product: Super Mario 64 DS [Nintendo DS]
Developer: NINTENDO CO., LTD.
Publisher: NINTENDO CO., LTD.
Source: North American Version End Game Credits. (■ Official)
Series: 3D Mario
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