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SRD Co., Ltd. is a software company based out in Kyoto, Japan. SRD stands for Systems Research & Development, which perfectly outlines the company's expertise in creating development tools and assisting in game program technology. SRD began cooperating with Nintendo during early development of the Famicom in 1983. Initial work was with Masayuki Uemura and Nintendo R&D2 on Famicom tools and game software. Company president Toshihiko Nakago was later introduced to Shigeru Miyamoto, during the development of their first game together, ExciteBike. The relationship became a permanent fixture as the pair of designer and programmer would go on to develop Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. The company has a unique relationship as they are an exclusively contracted technology group housed internally at Nintendo's own main Kyoto Development Center, working alongside the company's in-house programmers as a collective entity.

SRD has since been bought by Nintendo and is now one of their many subsidiaries.


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Author: Kyoto Ninja
Source: Game Credits. Company Homepage. Kyoto Report Investigative Methods.
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