SPD Production Group No. 2

SPD Production Group No. 2 is a planning and development group within the Software Planning & Development Department, which is one of the departments (composed of multiple groups) of the Software Planning & Development Division at Nintendo Company Limited. The primary focus is the development of video game software and software applications for home consoles and portable hardware. The Manager and Producer is Hitoshi Yamagami, with the main directing and planning team including a collective of talented personnel. This development group typically has about three projects in production, with emphasis on maintaining the Dr. Mario, Style Savyy, Mahjong, and Legendary Starfy franchises.

Software Planning & Development - Production Group No. 2

Hitoshi%20Yamagami.jpg Manager & Producer
Hitoshi Yamagami
Nintendo Company Limited
Software Planning & Development Division
SPD Production Group No. 2







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