SPD Personnel Tracker

The following is a breakdown of recent additions and losses of personnel for Software Planning & Development Division

2003 - Initial Start Up
(+) Yoshio Sakamoto (Production) (Nintendo R&D1)
(+) Hitoshi Yamagami (Production) (Nintendo R&D1)
(+) Kensuke Tanabe (Production) (Nintendo EAD)
(+) Hiroshi Sato (Production) (Nintendo R&D2)
(+) Katsuya Yamano (Production) (Nintendo R&D1)
(+) Takahiro Harada (Production) (Nintendo R&D1)
(+) Toru Osawa (Production) (Nintendo R&D1)
(+) Goro Abe (Design) (Nintendo R&D1)
(+) Takehiko Hosokawa (Design) (Nintendo R&D1)
(+) Takayasu Morisawa (Art) (Nintendo R&D1)
(+) Akito Nakatsuka (Sound) (Nintendo R&D2)
(+) Kenji Yamamoto (Sound) (Nintendo R&D1)
(+) Minako Hamano (Sound) (Nintendo R&D1)
(+) Yoshinori Katsuki (Program) (Nintendo R&D1)
(+) Noriko Kitamura (Design) (Nintendo R&D2)
(+) Masaru Nishita (Design) (Nintendo R&D2)

(+) Shuichi Narusawa (Nintendo Game Seminar - Planning Management)
(+) Toshiyuki Sudo (Nintendo Game Seminar - Sound Engineer)

(+) Takafumi Masaoka (Program) (University)

(+) Takumi Hatakeyama (Program) (University)

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