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The production archive is a collection of production credits for various Nintendo products both released and unreleased all over the world. The credits are largely collected by traditional staff rolls found on game endings and instruction manuals. All credits are obtained directly from the source, rather than other websites. Additionally because of early works without easily obtainable credits and other works with mysterious omissions, other methods such as scouring copyrights and archiving several interviews in both English and Japanese, have been researched to obtain several missing credits into the database. This is the largest and most accurate credit database on the internet. Most of which will be transcribed and copied without permission. Please credit our website if you plan on borrowing any material. As with all of our sections and features, stay tuned for regular updates. Please enjoy the plethora of content and be encouraged to submit any additional credits to our public forums.

Publisher Title Platform Origin
任天堂 Brain Training for Nintendo Switch NSW 12.07.19 JP
任天堂 Ring Fit Adventure NSW 10.18.19 WW
任天堂 Super Mario Maker 2 NSW 06.28.19 WW
任天堂 Tetris 99 NSW 02.13.19 WW
任天堂 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker NSW 07.13.18 WW
任天堂 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 3DS 07.13.18 WW
任天堂 Super Mario Odyssey NSW 10.26.17 WW
任天堂 1-2 Switch NSW 03.26.17 WW

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