Pilotwings 64

Nintendo Staff


Co Director

Graphic Designer

Sound Arrangement

Project Arrangement

Paradigm Staff

Project Manager

  • Dave Gatchel

Lead Software Engineer

  • Mike Engeldinger

Lead Modeling and Effects

  • Wes Hoffman

Software Engineering

  • Mike Panoff
  • Aaron Hightower
  • Jon Davis
  • Steve Lotspeich
  • Mike Bienvenu
  • Sam Perera
  • Steve Furhman
  • Rob Rossow
  • Chris Mumford
  • Richard Baker

Modeling and Animation

  • David Krueger
  • Gary Bandy
  • Greg Guth

Audio Support

  • Scott Gargash
  • Anu Appaji
  • John Perser

Music Composition

  • Dan Hess

Product Marketing Support

  • Matthew Shannon Yarbrough

Special Thanks


Executive Producer

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