Personnel Listing - Former Nintendo Co., Ltd.

The personnel database is a collection of Nintendo or Nintendo related personnel profiles from all over the world. Much of the information gathered from the personnel comes through extensive research and analysis. The driving force behind this section was to showcase the large talent pool of developers working on Nintendo games. It is far bigger than the three or four men that appear on stage during the annual E3 convention shows. Please credit our website if you plan on borrowing any material. As with all of our sections and features, stay tuned for regular updates. Please enjoy the plethora of content and be encouraged to submit any additional information to our public forums.

Former Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Development Personnel
Shinobu Amayake Musician Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Atsushi Hashimoto Planner Project Sora Inc.
Hajime Hirasawa Musician Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Nobuo Kuono Planner Project Sora Inc.
Miyako Nishio Planner Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Masatoshi Uehara Planner Project Sora Inc.
Youichi Hirakawa Designer Project Sora Inc.
Seitaroh Wakabayashi Designer Brownie Brown Inc.
Suguru Sasaki Programmer Project Sora Inc.
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