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Company Name Development Role
1-Up Studio Inc. Jun Ishioka 石岡 淳 Planner
1-Up Studio Inc. Yuichi Iwasa 岩佐優一 Planner
1-Up Studio Inc. Mio Kikuchi 菊池美緒 Planner
1-Up Studio Inc. Gen Kadoi 門井 元 3D Artist
1-Up Studio Inc. Kazuki Oikawa 及川一樹 3D Artist
1-Up Studio Inc. Risa Sugimoto 杉本里沙 3D Artist
1-Up Studio Inc. Midori Takaya 高谷 碧 3D Artist
1-Up Studio Inc. Haruka Seko 瀬古 遥 3D Artist
Brownies Co., Ltd. Shinichi Kameoka 亀岡慎一 Producer
Brownies Co., Ltd. Koji Tsuda 津田宏二 Planner
Brownies Co., Ltd. Yoiichi Hirakawa 洋一平川 3D Artist
Sayonara Oyasumi Co., Ltd. Nobuyuki Inoue 井上信行 Planner
UJC Co., Ltd. Tomonori Hiraishi 平石有孝 Programmer
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