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The personnel database is a collection of Nintendo or Nintendo related personnel profiles from all over the world. Much of the information gathered from the personnel comes through extensive research and analysis. The driving force behind this section was to showcase the large talent pool of developers working on Nintendo games. It is far bigger than the three or four men that appear on stage during the annual E3 convention shows. Please credit our website if you plan on borrowing any material. As with all of our sections and features, stay tuned for regular updates. Please enjoy the plethora of content and be encouraged to submit any additional information to our public forums.

Nintendo European Research & Development SAS

Personnel List
Takeshi Shimada Representative President A001
Alexandre Delattre Managing Director A001 Wii U Chat
Jérôme Larrieu Chief Science Officer A001
Jeremy Denise Chief Production Officer A001
Janos Boudet R&D Project Manager - Patent liaison A001
Pacôme Danhiez R&D Manager A001
Aurélien Pocheville Chief Innovation Officer A001
Francois Francken Lead Software Engineer A001
Nicolas Le Gland Research Engineer A001
Edouard Gomez Research Engineer A001
Florent Boutin Research Engineer A001
François-Xavier Pasquier Research Engineer A001
Sébastien Guido R&D Software Engineer A001
Marc Delorme R&D Software Engineer A001
Bertrand Augereau Software Engineer A001
Jean-François Vidal Software Engineer A001
Shaun Lecathelinais Software Engineer A001
Rémy Cocole Software Engineer A001
Cédric Lalouette Sound Engineer A001
Fabrice Rappe Support Engineer A001
Sébastien Ray Support Engineer A001
Romain Bailly Embedded Development Engineer A001
Biljana Jerkovic IT Administrator A001
Mariko Mori Translator Interpreter A001
Yves Rommier Unknown A001
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