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The Kyoto Report database is a collection of thoroughly researched and archived information from various sources including websites, magazines, copyright postings, patent publications, and press media. Our research method specializes in obtaining obscure information from untranslated Japanese language sources - filtered though a rich historical interpretive lens of the company and the video game industry. A staple affixed to our database, is that all information is constantly fact checked and updated through multiple sources. This is the largest and most accurate credit and personnel information repository on the internet. Most of which will be transcribed and copied without permission. Please credit our website if you plan on borrowing any material. As with all of our sections and features, stay tuned for regular updates. Please enjoy the plethora of content and be encouraged to submit any additional credits to our public forums.

Company Name Origin Notable Works
任天堂 Yusuke Amano 2004 ACT Splatoon 2, Splatoon
任天堂 Jordan Amaro 2017 ACT Splatoon 2
任天堂 Katsuya Eguchi 1986 ACT Splatoon 2, Arms, Tank Troopers
任天堂 Shigefumi Hino 1988 ACT Super Mario Maker, Pikmin 3
任天堂 Takeru Fukada 2016 ACT Splatoon 2
任天堂 Takehiko Hosokawa 1991 ACT Metroid, Game & Wario, Wii Play Motion
任天堂 Kouichi Kawamoto 1997 ACT 1-2 Switch, Nintendo Badge Arcade, Brain Age
任天堂 Daisuke Matsuoka 2009 ACT Metroid: Samus Returns, Nintendo Badge Arcade
任天堂 Takayasu Morisawa 2001 ACT Metroid: Samus Returns, Wario Land 4
任天堂 Hisashi Nogami 1994 ACT Splatoon 2, Animal Crossing
任天堂 Yoshio Sakamoto 1982 ACT Metroid: Samus Returns, Miitomo, Rhythm Tengoku
任天堂 Soshiro Suzuki 2017 ACT
任天堂 Masaru Tajima 1994 ACT Disney Art Academy, Style Savvy
任天堂 Keisuke Umeda 2007 ACT Splatoon 2, The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes
任天堂 Kosuke Yabuki 2005 ACT Arms, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
任天堂 Katsuya Yamano 1990 ACT Metroid: Samus Returns, Rhythm Tengoku
任天堂 Masami Yone 1996 ACT Rhythm Tengoku +, DS Bimoji Training

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