Nobuhiro Sumiyoshi
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Sumiyoshi in 2012.

Nobuhiro Sumiyoshi

Nobuhiro Sumiyoshi is a current employee of Systems Research and Development, having worked mainly in the development department during his time with the company.

Sumiyoshi is a native resident of Japan. After graduating from his university program, he officially joined SRD in circa 1995, initially working as a programmer.


Work History

SRD Co., Ltd.
c. 1995 - Present

Notable Works

Name: Nobuhiro Sumiyoshi / 住吉 伸啓 / すみよし のぶひろ
Gender: ♂ Male
Company: SRD Co., Ltd.
Source: Game Credits. Japan Media Archives. Interviews. Kyoto Report Investigative Methods.
Authors: takamori shiho

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