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Nintendo of America Inc. is the largest subsidiary of Nintendo Co., Ltd. This company was established in 1980 under former President Hiroshi Yamauchi's son-in-law Minoru Arakawa. Nintendo of America was originally established in 1980 in New York City, but in 1982 moved to the Seattle area with a capital of $600,000. This North American arm is primarily a sales, marketing, and localization group which is largely responsible for the additional success of several franchises like Donkey Kong, Kirby, and Pokémon. The subsidiary does feature an in-house technology group which is split between a technical support group, and project engineering group which provides technical development and technical coordination of several technology and software aimed for North America.


Work History for Nintendo Company Limited

Title Year Main Work Additional Work Notes
Nintendo TVii 2012 Co-Developer
Wii U Chat 2012 Co-Developer
Nintendo Zone 2008 Co-Developer

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Profile: Nintendo of America Inc. (R&D)
Author: Kyoto Ninja
Source: Game Credits. Company Homepage. Kyoto Report Investigative Methods.
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