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Nintendo European Research & Development SAS (NERD) is a research & development company located in Paris, France. The company was formerly known as Mobiclip, formerly known as Actimagine. Actimagine was established in March 2003 by a team of engineers and managers. Actimagine started out developing video compression technology with optimized response to battery life and video quality requirements of Nintendo video gaming platforms like the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. On April 2006, Adobe acquired Actimagine's Flash rendering engine optimized for mobile devices. In 2008, Mobiclip launched the first application delivering live TV on the iPhone, a year before Apple. On October 2011, Mobiclip was bought by Nintendo, renaming itself to Nintendo European Research & Development as an official subsidiary that focuses on developing software technologies and middleware for Nintendo platforms.


Work History

  • NES Mini (2016) - Cooperation [NES Emulator]
  • Wii on Wii U eShop (2015) - Developer
  • New Nintendo 3DS (2015) - Cooperation [Head Tracking Technology]
  • Nintendo DS Virtual Console For Wii U (2014) - Developer
  • Media Player for Wii U Internet Browser (2012) - Developer
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Profile: Nintendo European Research & Development SAS
Author: Kyoto Ninja
Source: Game Credits. Company Homepage. Kyoto Report Investigative Methods.
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