Iwata and Sakamoto Get Funky

During a special presentation of Nintendo Direct, President Satoru Iwata and Producer Yoshio Sakamoto made cameo appearances in a trailer video of Tomodachi Collection 2. Iwata and Sakamoto were seen dancing and performing on stage alongside a few other members of the development team. The game which is scheduled for release in Japan Spring 2013, promises several new features including the ability to have children, visit amusement parks, eat at restaurants, play classic arcade games and perform rap songs.

Miyamoto Names The Most Talented Developer at Nintendo

Miyamoto wouldn't be drawn on his favourite among the current crop of Nintendo directors, but he reserved special praise for one in particular: Koichi Kawamoto, who developed the concept demo that birthed the WarioWare series, and more recently created 3DS's StreetPass Quest. Miyamoto says Kawamoto is "a very strong figure [who] will play a very important role in the future."
- Shigeru Miyamoto, EDGE Online

Dylan Cuthbert Reveals a New Master

During a recent interview promoting work on Star Fox Command, former Nintendo programmer Dylan Cuthbert claimed that Yoichi Yamada "was the most talented developer at EAD". Yamada was in charge of designing the levels of the original Star Fox. Cuthbert was very impressed by Yamada's dedication and attention to detail.

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