Minoru Maeda

Nintendo Company Limited
Entertainment Analysis & Development Division
Kyoto Software Development Department

Minoru Maeda
Planner & Graphic Designer

Minoru Maeda is a former Nintendo Company Limited employee. Maeda originally worked at Toei Animation, and joined Nintendo because of his expertise in the animation department. Shigeru Miyamoto was very impressed with Maeda's talents and put him in charge of design on ExciteBike for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Vs. Arcade platforms. Maeda would continue working for the Entertainment Analysis & Development Division as a full-time and part-time employee before retiring from game development in 1999.

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Personal Information

Name: Minoru Maeda
Kanji: 前田 実 / まえだ みのる
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan
History: Nintendo (1984-1999)

Author: Kyoto Ninja (13 April 2012)
Source: Japan Net Interviews. Game Credits.

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