Masato Orishige
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Masato Orishige

Currently listed as a full-time employee of Nintendo Company Limited, a global manufacturer and developer of entertainment software and hardware. Throughout this time with the company, history of work spans mainly as a developer in the software development sector.

Orishige is a native resident of Japan. After graduating from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, he officially joined Nintendo in 2017, initially working as a Computer Programmer. Most recently, Orishige has worked as a Game Programmer on software related projects for the Entertainment Planning & Development Division.


Work History

Nintendo Co., Ltd.
April 2017 - Present

BS, Faculty of Computer Science
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Fall 2013 - Spring 2017

Notable Works

Other Works

Profile: Masato Orishige / 森重 真人
Company: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Source: Game Credits. Linkedin. Facebook Japan. Nintendo Japan Homepage. Kyoto Report Investigative Methods.
Author: Kyoto Ninja

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