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Jamsworks Co., Ltd. is a privately held company that specializes in video game development. The company was originally founded on April 2003, and is located in Tokyo, Japan. The founding members include industry veteran Yuka Yamamoto, and former Marigul employee Masashi Uchiyama. The company used its initial connections from Marigul Management (a Nintendo affiliate company), to begin collaborating with Nintendo on its Nintendo DS Public Space Initiative with projects like Nintendo DS Classroom and Nintendo DS Guide Series. The company has also been involved in the development of various Nintendo published software including Meteos, Nintendo Pocket Football Club, Culdcept Revolt, and DS Uranai Seikatsu.


Work History for Nintendo Company Limited

Title Year Main Work Additional Work Notes
Culdcept Revolt 2016 Co-Developer
Nintendo Pocket Football Club 2012 Co-Developer
Culdcept (3DS) 2012 Co-Developer
DS Uranai Seikatsu 2008 Co-Developer
Calciobit 2006 Co-Developer

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