Hajime Yajima

Nintendo Company Limited
Entertainment Analysis & Development Division
EAD Technology Development Department

Masato Kimura
Technology Chief & Programmer

Hajime Yajima is an active employee of Nintendo Company Limited since 1988. Yajima was one of the founding members of the Technology Development Department, which was the second main programming and technology team of Entertainment Analysis & Development Division. The Super Nintendo featured a new technology titled Mode 7 which provided for a pseudo 3D experience. Yajima and team exploited the technology to create the engine for Pilotwings and Super Mario Kart. Yajima has programmed several Nintendo games, and is believed to still work in the Technology Development Department.

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Personal Information

Name: Hajime Yajima
Kanji: 矢島 肇
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan
History: Nintendo (1988-Active)

Author: Kyoto Ninja (13 April 2012)
Source: Game Credits.

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