Game Boy Color

Game Boy Color
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Game Boy Color

Release Dates
JP: October 21st, 1998 - Retail
US: November 18th, 1998- Retail
EU: September 2nd, 1986 - Retail

Game Boy Color was the follow-up to the extremely successful Game Boy series of portable hardware. The hardware introduced color for the first time after nearly a decade of monochrome gaming. The machine was capable of playing bigger and better-looking games than its predecessors, and could display in a full 8-bit colour palette.

There were two kinds of Game Boy Color games available: Black cartridge games would play on all models of Game Boy but would feature special colour palettes or even exclusive content when played on a Game Boy Color. Transparent cartridge games would only work on the Game Boy Color (and later the Game Boy Advance). If inserted into an earlier model, the games would often display a warning message.

The Game Boy Color was also compatible with all earlier Game Boy software, and could even display customised colour palettes.

Production Credits

Satoru Okada
Nintendo Co., Ltd. | Research & Engineering Division

Industrial Design
Kenichi Sugino
Nintendo Co., Ltd. | Research & Engineering Division

Circuit Design
Hitoshi Nakai
Nintendo Co., Ltd. | Research & Engineering Division

Executive Producer
Hiroshi Yamauchi
Nintendo Co., Ltd. | CEO

Author: Kyoto Ninja (13 April 2012)
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Source: Nintendo Japan: Game Boy Color Interview. Kamitoba Japan Database.

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