EAD Tokyo Software Development Group No. 1

EAD Tokyo Software Development Group No. 1 is a development section in the EAD Software Development Department Tokyo of Entertaintment Analysis & Development Division at Nintendo Company Limited. The primary focus is the development of video game software and software applications for home consoles and portable hardware. The Manager and Producer is Takao Shimizu, with the main directing and planning team including a collective of talented personnel. This development group typically has about two projects in production, with emphasis on maintaining the 3D Mario series.


Nintendo Company Limited
Entertainment Analysis & Development Division
EAD Software Development Department Tokyo

Takao Shimizu
Manager and Producer of EAD Tokyo Software Development Group No.1
Japan University *
Nintendo Company Limited 1986-Present


Koichi%20Hayashida.jpg Futoshi%20Shirai.jpg Hideaki%20Shimizu.jpg
Koichi Hayashida Futoshi Shirai Hideaki Shimizu


Product Producer Director Platform Release Association
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS Takao Shimizu N/A Nintendo 3DS 2011 Production
Make It Yourself! Nintendo DS Guide Takao Shimizu N/A Nintendo DS 2010 Development
Super Mario Galaxy Takao Shimizu Yoshiaki Koizumi Wii 2007 Development
Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat Takao Shimizu Yoshiaki Koizumi GameCube 2004 Development
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