Personnel Test

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This is a simple way to get more info into your


General Producer
Katsuya Eguchi B001 Tank Troopers ←→ AC: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo ←→ TLOZ: Twilight Princess HD
Yoshiaki Koizumi B002 Super Mario Odyssey ←→ NES Remix ←→ Super Mario 3D World
Hisashi Nogami D001 Splatoon 2 ←→ AC: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo ←→ AC: Happy Home Designer
Kosuke Yabuki D002 ARMS ←→ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ←→ Mario Kart 8 (DLC)
Visual Design (CG)
Satoru Takizawa C001 TLOZ: Breath of the Wild ←→ TLOZ: The Wind Waker HD ←→ TLOZ: Skyward Sword
Visual Design (UI)
Tomomi Mashiko D001 Super Mario Maker Bookmark ←→ SplatNet ←→ Nintendo eShop
Masayuki Okada D002 Super Mario Run ←→ Miitomo ←→ Game & Wario
Daigo Shimizu D003 TLOZ: Breath of the Wild ←→ TLOZ: The Wind Waker HD ←→ Wii U (GUI)
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