Nintendo Rumors
Wii Relax A project announced by Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata back at E3 2007 involved a peripheral titled the Vitality Sensor and a mysterious software accompanying it. Later Japanese patents revealed that Nintendo SPD was collecting research from Tokohoku University on the project. The software was leaked to be titled Wii Relax and featured development leads Norikatsu Furuta and Goro Abe, the project was still in development as 2011. Satoru Iwata later revealed that the team was having a hard time getting past a 90% subject compatibility and thus the reason for the delay. There is high probability the software may still find release on the Wii U or 3DS.
Metroid Dread The long awaited sequel to Metroid Fusion was allegedly in development by Nintendo SPD - Production Group No.1 for the Nintendo DS. A retailer leak which also revealed Tetris DS at the time, mentioned the game's existence. Sakamoto later confirmed that the project existed but just never reached completion. Rumor suggests that Yoshio Sakamoto and Takehiko Hosokawa may continue the project and find release on the Nintendo 3DS at some point in the near future.
Wii Sports U Nintendo briefly demonstrated a work in progress video of the new Wii Sports U title which featured several of the original sports, only reimagined in high-definition and with assymetric game mechanics. Satoru Iwata later confirmed they withheld from releasing the game in the launch window, to avoid predictability and have a different identity for the Wii U launch. Japanese patents also later confirmed the game has been in development for nearly 2 years. The odds are that Wii Sports U will be a big Summer-Fall 2013 game for Nintendo when it releases.
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