English Training DS
English Training DS | 英語が苦手な大人のDSトレーニング えいご漬け
Nintendo Company Limited

Nintendo DS
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Release Date:
January 26th, 2006 JP
October 27th, 2006 EU

English Training DS is an English language educational training simulator released for the Nintendo DS exclusively in Japan and Europe. This software application is based on educational software released by Plato originally intended for the personal computer, but it was re-imagined by Nintendo for their line of portable hardware. The software provides routine tasks and exercises where the player has to translate phrases and terms of their local language into English by manually writing the answers on the touch screen. There are also a few other non-conventional programs or training games that are used to teach the users English. Players are graded and rewarded for good performances.

Barbara from the Band Brothers series makes a special appearance as a host.

Yoichi Oshima
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Noriko Kitamura
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Yasushi Matsubara
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Naoko Okamoto
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Toshikazu Tomizawa
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Yuichiro Ito
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Sound Director
Kenji Yamamoto
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Music Composition
Daisuke Shiiba
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Theme Song (Barbara)
Masami Yone
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Sound Program
Takaya Fujii
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Akira Fujiwara
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Daiki Nishioka
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Kazuya Yoshioka
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Bunpei Yorifuji

Technical Support
Yoshito Yasuda
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Shintaro Jikumaru
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Hironobu Kakui
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Kimiko Nakamichi
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Masamichi Sakaino
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Special Thanks
Norihide Sasaki, Masaho Nomura, Lawrence Schwedler, All SPD

Shinya Takahashi
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Kosuke Asakura
Plato Ltd.
Eriko Kitahara
Plato Ltd.
Yukari Ohno
Plato Ltd.

Project Coordination
Yoshie Oku
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Progress Management
Masaru Nishita
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Executive Producer
Satoru Iwata
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo is the author of this software
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All rights reserved.

©2006 Nintendo
Under license from Plato Ltd.

Author: Kyoto Ninja (13 April 2012)
Verified: KRFC (13 April 2012)
Source: Japanese Manual Credits. Nintendo Online Magazine: English Training.
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