BS Fire Emblem: War Chronicle of Akaneia
Publisher: Nintendo Co., Ltd. (1997)
Production Team
Nintendo Special-Planning & Development Dept. / Intelligent Systems
Lead Designer
Shouzo Kaga
Production Credits
BS-X Satellaview

BS Fire Emblem: War Chronicle of Akaneika is an exlusive side-story of the Fire Emblem series developed exclusively for the BS-X Satellaview. This installment was released through a set of four short Fire Emblem games that were first broadcast in 1997 for the Satellaview attachment for the Super Nintendo and could be downloaded. Each game contained one map and was based on the engine of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. The games took place in Archanea, with some characters from other Fire Emblem games making some appearances.

The game also featured a unique story expressed through voice acting for the first time. There are unfortunately no battle animations, though the sprites on the map do have their own animations that show their actions. The main goal is to earn as many points as possible, which is completed by performing various actions. Because there is only one map per episode, each map is hard to complete to increase the longevity of the game. There are not as many units on a map as there usually is in the series, which also made it harder than usua

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