Kyoto Report

Kyoto Report is a database primarily focusing on all games and personnel from Nintendo. The information powering the database comes from traditional English and Japanese end game staff credits, but also from various sources including websites, magazines, copyright postings, patent publications, and press media. Researching and deciphering omitted or uncredited personnel staff is one of the specialties that this website provides for the enthusiast and historian community. Besides collecting published data, our research methods involve obtaining obscure information from untranslated Japanese language sources - filtered though a rich historical interpretive lens of the company and the video game industry. A staple affixed to our database, is that all information is constantly fact checked and updated through multiple sources. This is the largest and most accurate credit and personnel information repository on the internet. Most of which will be transcribed and copied without permission. Please credit our website if you plan on borrowing any material. As with all of our sections and features, stay tuned for regular updates. Please enjoy the plethora of content and be encouraged to submit any additional credits or suspicions of error to our public forums.

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